Money-Low-Cost Ltd Company, proud to present The best system of money remittance, and the cheapest-one, you can think about.

You can’t find in any place, anywhere, a computerized system, that you can transfer money – online – from your computer, or your cellophon, directly to your beneficiary’s Debit-Card – in very attractive price you can’t find.

The Debit-Card will provide to your beneficiary through the bank.

All you have to do – is register via the company’s website, and being part of the clientele.

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Many-Low-Cost LTD Company was established at 2012, in order to upgrade the procedure of money-transfer for the foreign workers.

The company had in her mind several main factors:

  1. Comfort procedure of money delivery – for you and for your beneficiary.
  2. Attractive prices of money delivery.
  3. Low cost of any services/goods we offer you.
  4. To do our best to make your, and your beneficiary’s life much more comfortable.

Additionally – as Money-Low-Cost Ltd company consumer, you will have the opportunity to purchase many of goods and/or services at attractive prices.

As company’s customer, you will not just going to save a lot of money by using our unique remittance system, and by buying various of goods and/or services in very attractive prices – you will have the possibility to control the expenditures of your family you support.

Even on the day you will surprised, by the fact that the money you sent to your family is run-out, and they need more money immediately – you will always have the option to send them money again – and immediately – and free of any charge, not from you and not from your beneficiary – through our ONLINE system.

You will have the ability to send the money sparingly, free of any other charge, and without fear of additional cost by transferring money –  you and your beneficiary.

The family asking money – immediately you can send the money via our online system, and the beneficiary will receive the money immediately through Debit-card supplied by bank.

The quality of your life, and your family’s quality life, will be much more upgraded. You’ll enjoy from a wide range of services and products that will enhance your life here (klick here – benefits’ page), and your family.

You and your family will enjoy from the fact that there is no need to go to the bank, or to any other alternative of money service, anymore, to withdraw the money.

The reasons  :


  • No need to deposit money (there is several options of deposit).
  • No need to convert money, because you will have the best rate.
  • No need to go with bundles of cash in the pocket.
  • No need to spend your time whenever you want to send money.


  • No need to withdraw money.
  • No need to convert money, because you will have the best rate.
  • No need to go with bundles of cash in the pocket.
  • No fear of uncontrolled waste of money

By our unique remittance system, you will have the ability to serve your family with maximum quality system.

You can enjoy from Money-Low-Cost’s unique and advantage remittance system whenever you want, by registration, free of charge, as a client of the company.

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