• How can I register to Money-Low-Cost company

    Go to the Money-Low-Cost LTD Company website,  and click on the signup option. Fill out your personal information details.

    Schedule a meeting with one of our (delete) representatives in Money-Low-Cost office. During the registration, our representative will guide you through the following stages:

    Facial comparison to your documentation. Please bring with you:

    1. A Photo ID (Israeli ID, Passport, or traveling documents)
    2. A second form of identification, preferably with a picture.

    1. In the case you do not possess a second form of a picture identification documentation, bring documentation that includes in print, your passport/ID number, along with your birth of date or residence address
    2. Driving license

    Our representative will hand you the final registration forms to fill, including the beneficiary contact details.
    See our offices contact details in this page

  • What benefits am I entitled to as a Money-Low-Cost consumer

    Money-Low-Cost LTD Company provides to the consumers many of benefits, to enhance the quality of the consumer’s life.

    You can read more about our benefits → here.

    In the near future, the desire of Money-Low-Cost LTD Company is to expand the range of products/service.

    The services/goods provided by Money-Low-Cost LTD Company are tailored to the needs of the foreign workers.

  • How can I trust Money Low Cost representative with my money

    MONEY-LOW-COST COMPANY makes the maximum effort to ensure your money.

    The details of the deposit money procedure to your personal account – you going to be an active participant. Without your cooperation with our representative, he will not have any ability to make any movement on your behalf.

    Once you submitted your identity, and inform our representative about the amount of money you like to deposit, he will type all the relevant details to the company’s system, as well as the amount of money you wish to deposit.

    At the end of typing your details, you will receive to your mobile phone (the number you entered) SMS including all the details of the deposit, and the amount of money you wish to deposit. In addition, you will get code that you must give to the our representative, together with the money you wish to deposit, in order to complete the task of depositing.

    Immediately, after the deposit procedure complete, you will receive, once again, SMS message containing the confirmation of deposit and deposit the relevant details.

    Also, you will get to your E-mail a formal invoice contain all the deposit’s details.

    Immediately, after you will get the notification of  your deposit to your cell phone, you can log into your personal account to check your new balance.

    This procedure gives you 100% security and responsibility for your money.

  • Can I deposit money to my own Money-Low-Cost account Without the need of physically cash deposit

    The answer is – YES. Here are a several options to depositing money to your personal account in Money-Low-Cost company :

    • Via postal bank (BANK HADOAR).
    • Via Money-Low-Cost agent.
    • Via Bank standing order (Involves pre-procedure) – You can set a monthly fixed amount to deposit to your MLC account, from your personal bank-account or your employer’s bank account.
    • Via Bank monthly charge (Involves pre-procedure) – You can set different amount every month to deposit to your account at MLC, from your personal bank-account or your employer’s bank account.
    • Via bank-to-bank remittance every deposit.
  • How can my beneficiary withdrawal the money I just transferred

    Once you deposit money to your private account in money-Low-Cost company, including the verification of the remittance via SMS message, you will have the ability to send money to your beneficiary by yourself.

    The money will send immediately – ONLINE.

    Once you sent the money by yourself, your beneficiary will receive a notification via SMS with the details transaction, including the amount and date.

    Once your beneficiary got the message via SMS, he will be able to withdrawal money from any ATM across the country, or using the DEBIT-CARD for paying to any business using DEBIT-CARDS.

  • How long will pass from the money sending until the beneficiary will have the ability to use the DEBIT-CARD

    The beneficiary will be able to use his own DEBIT-CARD (money withdrawal or/and buying) – immediately.

    All the systems of Money-Low-Cost company operate ON-LINE – Excluding bank technical issues, but not more than 12 hours from the money sending.

  • Can I register to be Money-Low-Cost's client – ON-LINE


    You can register on-line, and it is highly recommended, In order to start the process to be Money-Low-Cost’s client.

    But the final of the registration step, should have to be – face to face meeting, with our representative.

    This meeting is designed to identify you, based on the documents required to register. Therefore, you must to bring with you all the documents.

  • How can I be updated about the movements of my money

    Very simple – you can enter to your personal account via the company website. On your privet page you can see all the financial transactions you made.

    You can also determine for yourself the date of the report you want to see.

  • Must I have an account, in a specific bank, in order to use Money-Low-Cost services


    Basically, your beneficiary will be invited to open an account, in a specific bank, once your registration is done.

    In the case, your beneficiary already have an account in this bank we are working with, the bank will use this existing account.

  • Is there a maximum or minimum to remittance money

    The imposed restrictions on MONEY-LOW-COST’s customers (MONEY-LOW-COST company reserves the right to change the terms and / or the conditions, at the own discretion from time to time):

    • The total amount you can remittance – per account and per month – beginning at the first of every month, until the end of this month – can’t be over the amount of – 5,000 NIS.
    • In any case, you will not have the ability to deliver money to your beneficiary, per account and per month – beginning at the first of every month, to the end of this month – over the amount of 5,000 NIS – including in the cases if you didn’t reached this amount last months.
    • There is no possibility the account balance will be in credit.
    • The customers, who will choose the monthly payment option – The monthly service payment will be charged at the beginning of the month – at the 1st.

    The customers, who will choose the monthly payment option – Each money transfer shall not be less than 500 NIS

  • Is there a minimum deposit

    Basically, there are no any limits on depositing funds to the personal account (there are limitations to the transfer of funds – as explained above).

    Hall :

    • Do not make your personal account to a savings account. The funds deposited must be for use rather than for savings.
    • The deposits to the personal account funds must be reasonable – depending on the level of your expenses.
  • Customer's acount - Terms and condition
    • The personal account must be use accordance with MONEY-LOW-COST Company policy, in accordance with the laws of the state and every other state with business-relationships with the MONEY-LOW-COST company.
    • It is absolutely forbidden to make any illegal use and / or any prohibited acts that may deceive, violate any law in any country, or to illegally benefits, including by using of fictitious names.
    • It is absolutely forbidden to make use of an unauthorized personal account, except for the customer who registered and legally identified.
    • Do not fill any false details into the company’s system – in any way and not for ANY PURPOSE.